The 4 E’s

  • Trains the youth to share their faith
    with others.
  • I-CON Evangelism Exposure
    • I Connect to CAMPUS
    • Room to room evangelism
    • Cell groups
    • Personal Evangelism
    • Film showing(Jesus Film)
    • Seminar on love courtship and dating
    • Anti-Drug Campaign
    • I Connect to COMMUNITY
    • House to house evangelism (tracks distribution)
    • Home bible study
    • Feeding the poor children
    • Daily Vacation Bible School.
    • I Connect to PARK and STREETS
    • Street Evangelism(Tracks distribution)
    • Street Children Bible Study
    • Feeding the Street Children
    • Personal Evangelism
    • I Connect to REHABILITION
    • Drug Addicts Rehabilitation Center (Bible Study)
    • Unwed Mother Rehabilitation Center (Bible Study)
    • Abused and raped victim Rehabilitation (Bible Study)
    • Evangelistic Concert
    • Revival Gathering (once a year)

    (Series of preaching / teaching: equips christian youth
    to mature in the Knowledge of Christ)
    1. Christian Living
    2. Discipleship
    3. Doctrine Fundamental Truth
    4. Spiritual Gifting
    5. Leadership

  • To the ministries and MISSION FIELD.(Commissioning)Mission and Action Ministry(MIA Ministry)
    1. Cross Cultural Mission
    2. Short term Mission
    3. Long term Mission
    4. Medical Mission
  • Spiritual GiftingCenter for Creative Arts MinistryTraining for Drama, Dance, Singing, Hand mime,

    Directing, Music, Song Composition, Painting Etc.

  • To be used by God mightily.Seeks to encourage the youth to take an active
    role in  society with the aim of the
    positive change and Leadersip.

    1. Conference
    2. Conventions
    3. Seminars
    4. Youth Camp
    5. Prayer and Fasting
    6. Retreats