Who we are

Pastor Basilio Val Febrer & Pastora Venus Febrer – Vision Keepers of Gising Kabataan

Pastor Basilio “Val” Febrer is the Head Pastor of Jesus Christ The Power and Strength Ministries as well as the National Chairman of Gising Kabataan (Youth Awakening Movement). He is married to Venus and has 2 children. He is used by God mightily in revival gathering in the Philippines and Asia such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Myanmar, and Japan. In Australia, USA, Europe, Africa, Ethiopia, Israel, Qatar, Dubai, and many other upcoming countries.

He has been with the ministry for 36 years now. He grew his faith in the Assemblies of God teaching. He graduated from Bethel Bible Pasig, and Bishop Benjamin “Boy” Ramos is his mentor and fathering. He is also a member of the Christian Bishop Minister Association in the Philippines (CBMAP) and International Teams (IT) Mandaluyong Christian Churches Association and Intercessors For the Philippines (IFP). Also, he is recognized by the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC), Philippines for Jesus Movement (PJM), and the Body of Christ.

The Birth of Gising Kabataan

Gising Kabataan-GK (Youth Awakening) was born in the heart of a servant of God, Rev. Basilio A. Febrer on December 9, 2000. God spoke to His servant the word GISING KABATAAN. He asked God what it meant, and the Lord answered him, “I want you to train the youth to awaken their hearts and serve Me for My glory.” Since that day, His servant prayed for the will of God about Gising Kabataan. Afterwards, three respected and mighty men of God prophesied to His servant that he will be used in the last revival. It was the confirmation of God for him to move for the vision of GK. GK was formally launched on December 17, 2002 through a concert held at Starmall. And the rest of the story goes on

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